Israel stands up to Iran. Why not Europe?

The leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, regularly sends out various versions of the following tweets on his English language account:

“Some argue that the Zionist regime is a reality that the region must come to terms with. Today the # Covid_19 is a reality; should it be accepted or fought?!”

“The long-lasting virus of Zionism will be uprooted thanks to the determination and faith of the youth. # Covid1948 “

Khamenei is not the first nor the only world leader to be so explicitly anti-Israel. In fact, since the radical Khamenei regime’s rise to power, members of the Iranian leadership have consistently expressed themselves in such a way. It must be noted: Iran is the only country in the world that publicly vows to destroy a democratic state across every international forum. This does not shock free-world countries, particularly European countries, from their apathetic responses and instead, they engage in business with Iran – giving its murderous regime billions of euros every year.

In other words, Western money funds a regime that oppresses and even kills its own citizens – let alone what it would do to Israel’s. Apparently, no lessons have been learned from history. Europeans and political forces on the left prefer cash flows to and from Iran over long-term policy-making that will lead to what the European Union claims to strive towards: democratisation and strengthening civil society.

Don’t let headlines fool you – EU countries aren’t fighting Iran or particularly opposing it in the international arena. This is worrying because as we learned from the World War Two that willfully turning a diplomatic blind eye ultimately leads to a heavier conflict and drastic loss of life, both of which require a long time for scars to heal.

Iran is not yet Nazi Germany, but the regime’s appalling actions against its own people and its alarming annihilation terminology, alongside European apathy towards clear signals and examples, are worryingly reminiscent of the pre-WWII era.  We all remember how that ended.

Except this could well be worse. Europeans refuse to learn the obvious lesson: even after the terrible nuclear deal signed in 2015, Iran continues to try to develop nuclear weapons. Furthermore, despite the evidence, European countries are once again ignoring the facts and choose to offer embarrassing excuses for not revoking the agreement.

The coronavirus epidemic has shown exactly the difference between Iran and the country it wants to destroy – Israel. While countless people have died from the epidemic in Iran, tellingly the regime refuses to release any actual data, Israel has only lost a small number of people. Not only that, Israel provides health guidance to several countries – including Austria, Brazil, Hungary and the Gulf states (Iran’s neighbours). While the Iranian regime deals with death and their attempts to sanctify it, the State of Israel deals with life and salvation.

The Iranian regime’s threats to exterminate Israel are alarming, but the regime forgets that what almost happened to Jews 80 years ago – to hurt us while bystanders remain silent – is impossible today and those who dare to harm Israel will regret it. Israel is not looking for a confrontation, but we will do everything necessary to protect our country. We have no other choice – and ultimately it will save the entire world.

It is important to mention that Winston Churchill is revered by the Israeli people. He is the leader who stood alone against Nazi Germany; his courage, fortitude and public service is an inspiration for us. While the Covid-19 epidemic has pushed aside coverage of the Iranian regime’s actions, we remember, and stand ready and alert to act if necessary. We will win for the same reason the Allies won: we have morality on our side.

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