The Conservatives Global Training Initiative (CGTI)

by M D

The Conservatives Global Training Initiative (CGTI), launched by Conservatives Global Founder and Editor in Chief, Richard Rimkus, in 2020, provides campaign training to conservative political parties and organisations around the globe.

The purpose of the CGTI is to provide expert training for conservative political parties and civic based organisations located in challenging political environments. This includes young democracies, newly established democracies, those which are under pressure, or in semi-authoritarian nations.

We understand that it can be difficult for organisations to source the funds for political campaign training and that is why the CGTI offers free assistance with project grant applications to an array of potential funding bodies.

CGTI provides a comprehensive range of political campaign training including polling day organisation, speech writing, designing campaign literature and press and media handling. All of the training is provided by the world’s leading campaign experts who have worked with political leaders from around the globe and have a track record of winning elections and referendums.

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