Why do conservatives fail?

by Áron Czopf

Why do conservatives fail?

Why are they at a constant disadvantage against progressive and liberal forces? (…)

This is because conservative thinking alone does not ensure political success (…) it simply protects us from talking nonsense. But how can it be that the mindset that sticks most to reality is so hard to succeed?

The great ideologies of the past centuries all intended to provide a comprehensive, definitive, and clear answer to the problems of society. The secret of their political success was that they simplified the complex processes of the world into a single problem. The Nazis blamed the Jews for everything, and the Communists identified the bourgeoisie as the source of all mankind’s trouble. These are simple answers to complex questions.

Conservatives often fail because they do not simplify the world this much, and even want to preserve the rich complexity of life against the false simplifications of certain ideologies. Conservative thinking is therefore not an ideology, but an approach that does not fit in with demagoguery.

Conservatism was “invented” for those who do not strike first and only ask questions after, but for thinkers who regard debate essential, and who deem community and the passing along of traditions important.

  1. Conservatives believe in a supernatural moral order that is also expressed in nature and serves as a model for society;
  2. They are committed to social continuity ‘among the dead the living and the unborn’;
  3. They recognize that due to human imperfections one cannot create a perfect social order and therefore do not experiment irresponsibly with human destinies and do not risk the future of society for the sake of utopias.

Conservatives, therefore, protect life from murderous ideologies and preserve a solid foundation on which future and community may be built.

This is the basis of conservative thinking.

Of course, liberals and progressives do not like this definition. They want to see Conservatives as the kid next door who wears their outgrown clothes, who has no independent thought but simply follows the “cool ones”. They would like to believe that conservatives do not promulgate eternal truths, but only cling to what is already gone. Liberals say a Conservative is the Liberal of yesterday. The progressives say a Conservative simply did not replace last year’s calendar and is defending today something which he was fighting against yesterday.

Conservatives fail because they believe these lies.

They believe their thoughts worth less than progressive trends.

They believe they must wear the outgrown clothes of progressives.

They believe they belong to yesterday. – And that’s why they fail.

Conservatives can only be successful if they understand that conservatism is not the ideology of yesterday, but the key to the future. But only if they boldly confront the demagogic simplification of complex issues; if they take off the spiritual rags that progressives have put on them, and bravely stand for eternal values, social continuity, and a normal society suited for humans rather than ideologies.

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