Time for a conservative fight-back

by Francesco Giubilei

In a global political context increasingly dominated by slogans and a form of communication that often forgets the value of substance and planning, I believe it is necessary to rediscover the central values that are being lost in modern society. These values should guide the actions of our modern politicians. We are witnessing the expansion of supranational entities and the diminishment of nation states. Supranational entities contradict the basic ideas of conservative thought and encourage a liberal vision that attempts to eliminate the identities and uniqueness of individual states, all in the name of globalism. 

As a result, two of the main pillars of our society are under attack. We are facing unprecedented challenge as a nation, for both our religion (in an increasingly secularized state) and the very conception of a nation and its people. As conservatives, we should be fighting to reverse these trends through two main avenues; the traditional political action from conservative parties, and then on a more profound level through a long-term promotion of culture and conservative ideology. Organizations like Nazione Futura are at the forefront of the fight to defend conservative values in both the media and at the grassroots level.

The activities of think tanks, foundations, and other organizations like Nazione Futura form the essential ideological and innovative foundations from which political parties can find their inspiration for new policy ideas. It is of vital importance that we do not just talk amongst ourselves, as ideas and thoughts are most useful and constructive when they do not remain hidden, but rather we are open to honest and rigorous dialogue with both citizens and also other members of the political world. Getting our conservative ideas out into the public allows us to both educate the public on what conservatives actually stand for, rather than relying on inaccurate smears from the Left, and also to stress-test the efficacy and strength of our positions and message.

To do this, however, we need a conservative network that spans the local, national, European and global levels – in this order. However, the collaborations we wish to form need to be built on the core principles of conservatism. Even though there are numerous schools of thought across conservative movements and parties, each with differing souls, they can and must co-exist.

The “fusionist” approach, first theorized after the Second World War in the United States, must be realized with a European and Western perspective as well. For this reason, Nazione Futura, a leading Italian conservative think tank, founded in 2017, considers it necessary to develop relationships with entities that acknowledge conservative values in the rest of the world. 

Conservatives Global is founded upon this same idea and CG is and will be, without a shadow of a doubt, an important platform. It will allow conservatives to remain up to date on the political and cultural developments shaping countries around the world and will help counter the views of progressives and left-wing organisations. Promoting the struggles and successes of conservatives in their respective nations is necessary for us to move forward by uniting our beliefs and creating coherent, consistent international messages.

For too long the Left has been able to unduly influence the world of culture, education, the media, and consequently the main political decisions being undertaken in the halls of power. This “long march” was first theorized by Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks. His conception of a left-wing “hegemonic culture”, to this day continues to guarantee that culture is associated with the Left. I want to prove that he was mistaken, and a project like Conservatives Global will be a fundamental part of this mission.

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