The real virus of our times is individualism

‘Sacrifice your values, save your health’ has been the real messaging from governments, journalists, and puppet celebrities for some time now. We live in an age where people are all too quick to forfeit even basic freedoms, such as the freedom to worship God in public, to meet their loved ones, to some forms of work, to get married, to attend funerals (and to be buried with dignity), to celebrate important occasions publicly and to travel freely in the name of propping up a defunct health system and its sacrosanct image.

At the same time, the horror show of abortion is encouraged to continue through the use of murderous pills at home. Elsewhere, the elderly remain isolated in care homes and on hospital deathbeds, millions depend each day more and more on the government through a matrix of seemingly eternal benefits, and selfish professional criminals hack the accounts of vulnerable jobseekers and others, devising elaborate schemes to mask their crimes.

Countless politicians, who these days are ultimately cardboard cut-outs of the general populace, albeit with concerning powers bestowed on them by higher, unaccountable forces, are partly to blame for the unfolding fiasco. There has been little resistance in Westminster to the creeping obliteration of human dignity. Despite emotional obituaries to a collapsing society in the Commons, even die-hard parliamentary rebels such as Steve Baker have bowed to the inevitable.

The emerging attempt on various sides to establish a one-world government are all-encompassing and will change society permanently. They are political and economic, but also spiritual, religious and cultural. One in twenty UK adults have started to pray during the lockdown despite not praying before, and 34 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds have watched or listened to a religious service in these days of confinement. Clearly we are not made for isolation, however justified, but for natural and supernatural community.

The peace that comes after the turmoil will necessarily involve the destruction of those hegemonic organisations that have been antithetical to human progress, and forced their claims to legitimacy on exhausted populations, and in the aftermath of the most devastating war in history. Quasi-religions with all too human aims such as the UN, the WHO, the EU, the NHS and other stale institutions that have made a living out of deceiving or distracting the general public such as the BBC, New York Times and swathes of the globalist mainstream media will surely reach the summit of their deception agenda very soon.

But after the chaos, the coming peace will also require the revolution of hearts and minds. As our Babelian skyscrapers become empty shrines to a bygone era, many will begin to cast aside the isolating, materialistic doctrines of rampant capitalism, communism and liberalism. We will have to rediscover the essence of living, of what it means to be human, and the noblest of missions, to rebuild a civilisation based on love, friendship, trust, compassion and personally find the roots of these goods in the Christian faith of our ancestors. This was a faith supported by visions of beauty, great works of art that pictured Heaven and Earth in constant dialogue and predicated economic, technological and philosophical progress on human dignity and a relationship with the transcendent.

The crisis will likely spiral out of control as recession looms, increasingly totalitarian governments around the world mobilise their smartphone-obsessed populations and potentially millions die from a virus with unknown (and very possibly man-made) origins. The antidote is not compulsory vaccinations and identification with the WHO’s false prophets and a man-made kingdom. The answer is the kind of charity and service that saw Friar Don Giuseppe Berardelli give his life for a younger patient in Bergamo. There have been countless examples of this generous self-sacrifice, which is the only true antidote to the deadlier virus facing our society, individualism and moral self-isolation. It is no secret that isolating people morally, culturally, intellectually as well as physically, is the easiest way to control them.

‘Sacrifice your values, save your health’ will be the obituary on the gravestone of our society. In the morning we may wake up, and find that we have lost both.

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