Minorities must not impose on majorities

by Sasho Petkovski

We live in a time when freedom is the most important thing for the development of a healthy society. Without it, prosperity would be an imaginary noun. Freedom means acting individually or socially without facing adversity.

But what exactly is freedom? Everyone has a different perception of this word. When we think about it, freedom would not be freedom if it were not limited. It cannot be without limits. Literally everything that crosses its borders is an obstacle to something and it is no longer freedom.

Recently, we have seen many examples of people who have changed their gender. Some men wish to become women, others vice versa. This guarantees their freedom of choice. It should be treated as such because other people’s lives as well as the wishes and goals should not be affected.

Everyone has the right to choose how and with whom to live in a healthy democratic and free society. Everyone can act according to their feelings, without being condemned by the social administration.

But when people try to impose their desires, ideas and actions on other people who do not share the same opinion, then that becomes a problem. It is a problem because it disrupts the free thought and way of life of a certain group of people, in this case the majority.

There are problems with gender reassignment and certain transgender groups. Many will ask and ask other people where and what the problem is. I will repeat that this problem is not in the personal choice of transgender people, but the imposition of ideas and principles on the whole of society at the expense of the majority voice.

Should personal feelings be above the law of nature? Or above science? Of course not. Various lobby groups are trying to impose distorted theories on society through paid scientists and university professors who claim that gender is a feeling.

According to them, children are born without gender and they themselves should choose what they want to be. Imagine, to what level they reduce the laws of nature as if they were products at the market. There are only two sexes, male and female. This are immutable biological facts. No more nor less. You can feel and represent how you want, it is your democratic right but you cannot impose it on people who rely on science.

There is no end to it. New genders are “born” day by day. Young people think that today they are men, tomorrow they are women, the day after tomorrow they are without gender and the next day, they are Jedi. There are countries like Canada, California, etc. that legally treat the disobedience of these confused human desires as a crime. In addition to crime, people who do not agree with these opinions are labeled as homophobic, transphobic, etc. In those countries, society itself puts pressure on ordinary citizens to accept this way of life. The pressure is especially great in the education system, which recruits young people day by day and sows confusion in their lives from very early ages.

It is a direct attack on dissidents and a curtailment of their freedom. The ordinary citizen is oppressed because values ​​and a way of life are imposed on him that is unacceptable to them. Ordinary citizens do not support and want destructive methods toward people who change gender or feel like they want to, they just do not want such a way of life to be imposed on them. Their word and opinion are suppressed and this is a violation of freedom.

We also have examples where they try to suggest transgender people as the same as non-trans people in sports as well. At the most recent Olympics in Tokyo 2020 a New Zealand weightlifter who was born a man, and went through male puberty, competed among women. That is a big problem. It is disrespectful to all the women in the world, it is disrespectful to all the athletes who have been preparing all their lives. One day a man comes who has far stronger physical predispositions must be treated as if they were biological women and will inevitably drown out biological women.

We get excuses that these trans athletes are women. They are not women, they are biological men, no matter how much they feel like women. They have more testosterone than any female athlete (no matter what hormone therapies they take). It is not fair at all and it is a direct attack on freedom. But the same people who defend and support such actions do not explain why women who have become men do not compete in sports with men. Because they know that their physical abilities are weaker and they would not be as successful as they would be when men of the opposite sex perform against women. It should also be noted that this can also be abused by men who “under dubious circumstances” would become women to succeed in certain sports. That is yet to happen explicitly, but it will only be a matter of time.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that society has no problem with people who changed their gender or want to change it. It is their right and their personal choice because that way they feel better. They do not deserve to be discriminated against, attacked, belittled and isolated from society, but they also do not have the right to impose their views and lifestyle choices on those who disagree.

Life is short, the world is big, and there is room for everyone in it. Everyone should feel comfortable, to live their way of life without harming others. That is not possible without freedom. Freedom is the basis of a happy society, but it cannot exist if other people’s opinions are imposed as obligatory, and the different are oppressed and denigrated. Totalitarian societies have died once and if they surface, they will die again. Long live free thought!

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