Family values in the workplace bring business success

Running a business should first and foremost be about making profit. Profit is best achieved through high productivity. High productivity can only be achieved by motivated, satisfied and happy employees. Happy employees mean better profits. What makes an employee or a manager or even an owner happy? Let everyone see the “big picture”, open communication, higher salaries, transparency, honesty, promotion from within, encouraging creativity, etc… It is time for conservatives to reclaim the banner of family values and spread them at the workplace. 

Conservatives should start promoting work-life balance, thankfulness and gratitude, and always seek to set a positive example. Fighting for more family time should not be considered a leftist narrative; instead it is at its core a conservative idea. Taking time off from work to be with and take care of a family should be at the forefront of all conservatives’ agenda. Employees with a happy personal life tend to construct a positive work atmosphere. Happiness is infectious. Having a positive work culture increases collaboration and engagement, thus increasing creativity and productivity. Higher productivity leads to higher profits and increased salaries. 

Conservatives can prove that they truly respect family values if they stand up and protect the workforce and businesses. There are countless examples of employees who have lost their jobs or are afraid of losing their jobs because they have to take care of their children, take sick days, or are not willing to come back to work right away after giving birth. This is not to mention requesting personal days off or unpaid leave to enjoy time with their family. 

Fear and anxiety bring down morale. Not a single person should be afraid of losing their job to take care of a family member. When employees know everything is taken care of at home, they are not hampered by anxiety and are free to be creative. Sad, afraid, anxious, threatened employees quit, and resignations generate standstill. Those actions must be stopped, and those fears must be eradicated for greater business success. 

Family values and business values are often intertwined, or should I say family values and upbringing are often imprinted on the values of business. Moreover, they start at the top, from the head of the family/company. 

The late Whitney MacMillan, former CEO of Cargill, stated: “As a company, we have believed in the same values for 125 years, even though we have changed the business every five years.” 

Family values reflect onto business activities. By teaching family members about fair competition, responsibility, justice, and hard work, we promote integrity, wealth, productivity, dependability,and creativity. When family values are implemented into business, they provide a pillar of force, which supports financial priorities, a humanistic approach and high level of corporate social responsibility. This is especially true for small and mid-size businesses, family owned businesses and start-ups. When families act in harmony, when owners, managers and employees believe in the company’s philosophy, success is assured. 

Just as family values are unique to each family, the same goes for companies and corporations. Conservative values are represented in the workplace. The parental instinct of, “That’s not how we do things in this family”, often translates into “We do things the right way in this company”. After all, companies that have a strong sense of kin and identity will be the best. 

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