Do not fall for the smears of the Left

by Sasho Petkovski

The new “Right” is coming. Popular support for conservative parties in Europe is increasing day by day. It increases in each election cycle, but what causes all this? It seems that people are finally fed up with false left-wing promises.

Leftists, disguised as social democrats or neo-liberals, are everything except what they claim to be. They have long frightened people by distorting the term “conservative” in the political world.

Conservatives are presented as an evil that tramples everything in front of them. Using their power, especially through the media, they have somehow managed to impose a sense of guilt in the common person at the thought of voting for a conservative party.

Their propaganda is based on lies, such as conservatives do not value women on the same level as men, they hate everything that is not of European origin, they are religious fanatics who are lethally minded towards the LGBT population, they are neo-Nazis and what not.

Are European conservatives like that? Racists who hate everything that is not like them? Of course not. Those lies are part of the methods leftists use to sow fear.

On the contrary, modern European conservatives consider women as an inseparable part of society and value them at the highest level. A woman is as much a human being as a man, and women who are part of conservative parties contribute much more to normal development in society than any leftist. Unlike conservatives, leftists force women to be arrogant. That a woman is a morally superior being to a man.

Conservatives want to protect their countries from foreign interests that conflict with their own. They are not against those of non-European origin; on the contrary, conservativism is based on political conviction, and not on racial and national affiliations. They are committed to preserving values ​​that have been built for centuries.

Any migrant who has decided to leave their country for a better tomorrow is welcome. That is good because it is humane and virtuous. However, that does not mean that we should accept criminals. We must also remember that criminals are only tiny proportion of all migrants. Conservatives advocate for controlled migration, not unchecked mass movements of people that cannot be safely incorporated.

Diversity must be respected because it is the right of every human being, but the cultural values of the country anyone comes to, must also be respected. Forcing your culture to ride roughshod over a society that which welcomed and accepted you is a great ingratitude.

Homosexuality, a very sensitive topic in certain environments, is a personal commitment. Unlike what the Left would have you believe conservatives are not anti LGBT but rather tend to be sceptical of how certain subjects are presented and dislike how certain subjects of discussion are shouted down.

Modern conservatism, as we have said, is not based on oppression but on freedom and prosperity. Conservatism derives its ideology from the needs of the people and does not impose its ideology through violent methods.

Racism, chauvinism and sexism are not part of modern conservatism. To be a conservative and to protect your values, your skin colour, religion, ethnicity nor sexuality does not matter. No one is more human than anyone else. The same goes for gender differences. Modern European conservatism is not a medieval ideology. Conservatism sees people as human beings, unlike the Left which perpetually seeks to divide us with its ever-increasing list of differences.

Let me say this again, modern conservatism supports diversity but united by conservative beliefs, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, economic liberalism and free trade, property rights, equality between men and women, democracy and the right to choose, as well as the preservation of good tradition and moral values. European conservatives oppose the forced imposition of opinion and the cancellation of any dissenting views. We all know that such a methods are dictatorial. People cannot be free without the freedom of speech.

Promoting immorality, such as prostitution, pornography, alcohol and drugs, disrespect for parents and family, are elements that destroy society by poisoning the youth. That youth will one day take over the future and, of course, that society cannot be in safe hands. The modern conservative advocates the removal or huge reduction of these elements, but not through banning and violent methods but through education. It is the only way to understand the true cause of their harmfulness.

Unfortunately, radical leftists  exhibit many of these negative traits today. They aim to poison the youth. They are against marriage as an institution; they are against religious freedoms and against the right to belong. They also promote state property and want governments that interfere in the personal lives of each and every households and individuals, a system that we saw fail almost three decades ago.

Today’s left-wing extremism, which is in fact a new fascism, always disguised with words like liberals or democrats, is the main obstacle to the development of society. Society should be based on freedom, a society that is advocated by the modern European conservative.

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