Hate the UK? Move to Scotland

by Tom Hewitt

For those who hate economic growth, detest the United Kingdom – its role in the world, history and way of life – following the signing of a governance deal between the SNP and Scottish Greens, there was a lot to celebrate in Scotland last week. For everyone else this news marks a very worrying development. 

Known as ‘watermelons’ due to their far-left agenda cloaked in the more innocuous colour of green, upon taking up their ministerial positions in the coming weeks the Scottish Greens will undoubtably represent the most extreme party to have ever held office in any part of the UK – bar Sinn Fein. 

Take economic growth. From Stalin to Ayn Rand, whilst differing how to achieve and manage its proceeds, both the Right and the Left have long recognised that the strive for economic growth is the only mechanism available to improve the material life of humanity.

That is, both sides of the political spectrum agreed until the Scottish Greens came along. It is for this reason that, in return for Scottish Green support, the SNP had to agree to disagree on ‘the role of Gross Domestic Product measurements, and economic principles related to concepts of sustainable growth and inclusive growth – a shocking development that must be striking terror into the heart of Scottish business. 

Other carveouts are also telling about the extremism of the Scottish Greens. For example, in the draft deal the SNP felt compelled to highlight its disagreement with the Scottish Green policies of legalising prostitution, abolishing private schools and immediately withdrawing from NATO. Perhaps summing up the craziness and unfitness of this ‘party’ for office is the fact the party’s chief negotiator was chosen to be Ross Greer – a sanctimonious and otherwise unemployable student dropout most famous for his ahistorical claim that Winston Churchill was a ‘mass murderer’ and ‘white supremacist’.  

The areas where the two parties agree are no more reassuring either. Both are pathologically wedded to the termination of the three centuries year old Union between the nations of Britain – with a callous disregard for the upheaval and poverty that would entail – to this end they also committed to trying to hold another independence referendum by the end of 2023. An objective that if it comes to pass will inevitably lead to a massive distraction from the far more important task of helping Scotland recover from the fallout of Covid. 

For unionists there may ultimately be some consolation in this deal though: it leaves nowhere left for the SNP and the nationalist movement to hide. Failure is always eventually found out by the public, and with the nutters in the Scottish Greens to assist, this deal has surely brought the day of comeuppance for this dismal movement just that bit closer. 

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